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Anna Morris

Anna Morris



Experienced careers development consultant, coach and careers counsellor. Supporting individuals and teams to realise their strengths and capabilities has always been a strong theme throughout my career. I am passionate about giving people the confidence, tools and skills to succeed and make positive changes.

Whether it be working with a client to cope with redundancy and look forwards, supporting a parent returning to work after a break, or helping with a career change, each individual is given the support and focus they require.  My strengths are being able to empower individuals to have confidence in themselves, have focus on where they want to go, and helping them get there.

As well as Careers Counselling I also offer to mentor clients, especially top execs, who value my management skills and experience, and the ability to discuss strategy before implementation.  A neutral ear and space to work things through.

Being a mother of three children, I understand the needs and pressures that schools and society puts on the young.  I bring this into my careers counselling, valuing the necessity to balance life with work.  And I also work with schools and children on understanding careers, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and preparing for interviews.

I also have a passion for horses and riding, having worked on a professional Eventing yard, and also competing in dressage.  I use the skills and psychological techniques that I have learned in my Careers Counselling training to coach nervous riders and those facing competition – whether it be Riding Club or at Professional level.  This is helped greatly by my understanding of how a rider affects a horse, and vice versa.


  • Professional experience in retail, telecoms, customer service and management training. I have worked with companies Tesco, Virgin and Vertex, coaching and developing staff of all levels, from top executives to the shop floor team and graduate trainees.
  • Masters in Career Management and Counselling, Birkbeck University.
  • Anthropology BSc (Hons), UCL.
  • CIPD trained


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