Career Development

Giving you the time and space to focus on yourself, supporting and coaching you through career change

Career Development

Anna Mumsnet Workfest Career ClinicAre you at a crossroads in your life and confused about which way to go? Does your job feel unsatisfactory and uninspiring?  Are you unemployed and looking for a new direction?  Have you taken time off work to bring up your family or care for a loved one, resulting in loss of confidence and career focus?

When did you last invest time in yourself?  People go to the gym or join a club for physical fitness, but often neglect their psychological needs.

We work with you on an individual basis, exploring your strengths, your passions and your experience, helping you to focus on where you should go next, and giving you the confidence to make positive steps forwards.  Our passion is empowering clients to make changes in their lives, supporting them through this process, and understanding how work and life can work together better.

Whether in person, on the phone, or through Skype, for a single session or a course, we can arrange what works best for you.

“Working with Anna really helped me focus on what was important as I returned to work after paternity leave.”


Anna's Top Tips

  1. Make time for yourself and give yourself space to think!
  2. Really understand yourself – What are your strengths, your passions, your hates?
  3. Think about what you want from a job – improved work-life balance, more money, a change in environment… and then focus you search only on jobs which meet these criteria.
  4. Talk through your thoughts and plans with a neutral, honest friend or a careers coach.  Being able to plan before making a move means you are more likely to succeed.
Reflection and positive changes.

Reflection and positive changes.

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Is it time for a change?

Do you have that sinking feeling that you are stuck in a rut and have to put up with the same day to day drudgery which is your job?  Sound familiar?  Do you dream of having a career that inspires and excites you?  A job which you would look forward to each morning... read more
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