Confidence Building

Building confidence and assertiveness is fundamental to everything we stand for in First Focus Consultants.  We can help you control your nerves and rebuild your confidence.  Life coaching and  specialist confidence coaching for Horse Riders.

Confidence Building

Anna Morris First Focus ConsultantsConfidence runs through everything we do in life and work, and being able to come across assertively and confidently can make a real difference.  We support clients to make positive changes, both on or off a horse, empowering people, and coaching them in everything from confidence issues, making changes or starting a career, to CV writing, interview coaching and business mentoring.

Whether your goal is to find that dream job or to focus on achieving your competition goals, preparation and presentation of yourself is key.  Do you give yourself the time and space to think about what you really want, whether it be in life or work?  Or are you stuck in a rut, head down and just getting on with things?

It is very common not to invest enough time in ourselves and our wellbeing.  As a rider we work hard training our horses, getting them supple and fit for their job, but how many of us actually stop and think about what we are doing and why we are doing it? So often we neglect our own psychological health, and lose track of our goals.  This can lead to a drop in confidence and self esteem and frustration when things repeatedly don’t seem to be going to plan.  So take time to step back and invest in yourself.

First Focus Consultants coach you through specific issues and situations, help you recognise your triggers and how to control anxiety, emotions and nerves.  We pride ourselves in our ability to empower clients to be more confident and make positive changes.

“Anna was like a breath of fresh air. She made sense of my out of date CV and gave me the confidence I needed to believe I really was the right person for the job!”


Anna's Top Tips

Give yourself the time and space to prepare for stressful situations.

Focus on your body language and your breathing.

Value yourself – don’t expect others to value and respect you if you don’t value yourself.

Practise your Power poses and being Body Confident!