Reflection and positive changes.

Reflection and positive changes.

Somebody recently said to me that we are all in the same Storm during lockdown, but in different Ships.

In some way or another everyone has had their lives turned upside down, emotions have run strong (and still do).  Control has been taken away from the majority and given to the few – whether they be the politicians or Doctors and Nurses in ICU.  And this can be really, really hard to manage and deal with!  However, it is at times of change such as these that great things can happen.

One thing Lockdown has done for me is to slow everything down, and watch the wonders of nature enfold in front of me.  Indeed, there have been many wonderful stories emerging of the world healing, with seas in Venice sparkling and clear, and the Himalayas being visible from parts of India which haven’t been able to see them for decades due to pollution.

We can also think of the changes being forced upon us as an opportunity for reflection and positive change.

We have time and space to really reflect on our skills, and what truly are our priorities looking forwards.  We have been forced into situations that we could never have imagined 3 months ago, and discovered skills and inner strength that we might not have known existed.  Whether it be upskilling on Zoom or Google Classroom, volunteering for vulnerable neighbours, or having to cope with tragedy and pain of separation or loss whilst being socially distant.  We have all got the opportunity to bravely question and examine ourselves to ask who are we, what matters to us, and where do we want to go?  What new skills have you learnt and recognised in yourself, and how might this change your current job or career pathway in the future?

So today I challenge you to be brave and embrace change!  Take the positives from this new life you are currently living, and use these to explore how you can incorporate these into your future.  The world is sometimes a frightening place, but with change comes great opportunities, and it is up to you to embrace these opportunities.  As with our Earth, out of great darkness there can also be light.  It is our chance to embrace the light and see how we can build on these positive changes.