Sweden striving towards a 6-hour day.

Sweden is making the bold step to move away from the stressful long days common in the UK, to a more balanced 6 hour day.  Many of us end up working 50 + hour weeks as we think that this is what is needed to be productive, get things done and reap the rewards.  This is despite a recent study which showed that those who work a 55-hour week will have a massive 33 percent greater risk of having a stroke than those who maintain a 35 to 40-hour week.

So perhaps Sweden have got the right idea.  The thinking behind the move is that because the working day has been condensed, staff will be more motivated and have more energy to get more done in a shorter period of time. Staff are also able to do things outside of work, helping them achieve a better work life balance as they can follow hobbies, care for children and elderly relatives.

We think it’s a great idea!

Swenden shift towards a 6-hour day