Senior part time work is not just for women!

Clients ask me if it is possible to work at a senior level part-time, and the answer is yes!  The trend is slowly changing, with more and more companies seeing the advantages of having employees who they trust to work hard and achieve results, working part time and flexibly.  And what is great is that one in three part time workers at a senior level (earning over £40,000 equivalent full time) are men!  No longer is part time work considered to be solely the realm of women and mothers.  People work part time for many different reasons – caring for children or parents, perhaps sharing childcare with a partner, people in the autumn of their careers who want to pursue other passions, those needing to balance work with medical conditions, and those who simply want to balance work with life.

Not only does part time work help individuals get a better balance in their lives, it can also lift a family out of poverty, and aid women with children to stay in their careers, and also progress.  So surely this is good for society as well as individuals?

Management Today have produced their Power Part Time list of the top 50 part time workers.  My advice is that if you are looking for a senior job on a part time basis, start looking in  one of these companies, as they are already showcasing the best part timers.  You never know, we might find you on next year’s list!